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A Call to Action to the Neighborhoods of Seattle:

While the Capitol Hill and Eastlake neighborhoods have been very active on this issue, it is past time for the neighborhoods of Seattle to rise up and demand action by the City Council to put a stop to these charades, and demand accountability from the DPD, not to mention calling a halt to aPODment projects until legislation can be put in place to stop this unbridled development phenomenon, which is being driven by, and for the benefit of a handful of developers. Failure to act promptly will lead to the wholesale destruction of the neighborhood character that we have all come to love, and for which the City of Seattle is nationally known. Proposals for microhousing projects are beginning to fan out from the neighborhoods where they are currently concentrated – Capitol Hill (16 proposed or built) and the University District (13 proposed or built)- into neighborhoods where they would never be expected, and where neighbors are kept more in the dark than even those of us in the fiefdom of Capitol Hill. City Council needs to be inundated with emails. Council Chambers need to be packed on April 18th at 11:30 a.m. Spread the word of my website to friends and neighbors. Go there armed with the information I am providing on this blog. There will be more to follow.

Here is a list of Councilmember emails and phone numbers:

richard.conlin@seattle.gov  206-684-8805

sally.clark@seattle.gov  206-684-8802

nick.licata@seattle.gov  206-684-8803

tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov  206-684-8808

tim.burgess@seattle.gov  206-684-8806

jean.godden@seattle.gov  206-684-8807

bruce.harrell@seattle.gov  206-684-8804

sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov  206-684-8801

mike.obrien@seattle.gov  206-684-8800

Well, I have a glitch in this post, but you have the basic information you need to contact Councilmembers. I will try to repair the glitch tomorrow.  All of this information and more is available here.