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Who are the Developers behind the Microhousing Projects?

Given the number of projects that have been built or are to be built, the number of developers turns out to be just a few individuals:

  • Dirk and Gary Mulhair (Calhoun Properties)
  • Jim Potter
  • Randall Spaan
  • Tyler Carr
  • Kelten Johnson
  • Kevinne Wilkins (CPA in Snohomish, WA who has notarized a number of microhousing project documents)
  • Robert Pantley
  • Paul J. Bellarte
  • Hugh Schaeffer
  • Scott Shapiro
  • Robert Dedon
  • Eric Friedland
  • Alex Dejneka
  • Michael J. Swindling

The field has been dominated by the first five individuals or corporations on the list above, with Jim Potter and the Mulhairs doing the lion’s share of these projects. The Mulhairs are the public face of microhousing, having received substantial media coverage for bringing a number of these projects to market, and  being credited with being the creators of microhousing. The typical corporate structure for microhousing projects is a limited liability corporation (LLC). Potter has frequently been involved in Mulhair LLCs, either as a managing member or with a 48% interest in the project. Potter has also been involved in some of Kelten Johnson’s projects, as well as those of Randall Spaan. Continue reading